A conversation with Fabio Sasso, founder of Abduzeedo

A conversation with Fabio Sasso, founder of Abduzeedo

It's my pleasure to introduce you a great friend of mine Fabio Sasso.
He is a pioneer in the design and inspiration world and you may have heard his name before as the founder of Abduzeedo. He has been a great inspiration for us at SAVEE since day one, not only for all the work he has done in promoting others but also for his driven approach to side projects and his entrepreneurial spirit.

We talked about our journey, how much our design industry changed in the last couple of years and what inspiration means to him.

Tell us a bit about you.

I’m a Brazilian designer based in Oakland, California. I lead the design team responsible for Android Auto, Google's main car experience, which is a consumer product that projects the phone in the car IVI and Android Automotive OS that is android running as the OS for the car infotainment. I am also the creator of abduzeedo.com, a design blog/site that I’ve been running since 2006. When I am not working at Google, in addition to spending time with my family, I love to take the time to build my ideas. I made a breathing app called calmaria.app and most recently created a little game called Tacoball to explore the potential of generative AI in helping designers to code. I pretty much created the game over the weekend by prompting ideas to chatGPT. It was really fun. 

Fabio's latest invention: Tacoball, a fun game created with chatGPT

How did you hear about SAVEE?

I got to meet Andre, the cofounder and became a huge fan even before I learned about SAVEE, we both are from the same state in Brazil. With the endless amount of information available to us, it is super helpful to have a highly curated source of content. I believe the SAVEE community and the service does that beautifully well. 

Fabio's profile on SAVEE. We think you should follow him.

What's the role of inspiration in your daily routine?

Inspiration for me equals motivation. The challenge of trying something new or even just trying to recreate an image or composition you saw. That is key to a productive life. I also find a lot of inspiration from non-design related sources, books being my favorite. Especially biographies of scientists that had major contributions to the field. I'm more interested in learning the behind the scenes of major breakthroughs, what inspired/drove them to get there. 

Fabio's photography and experiments on SAVEE.

What's one thing you think is unique about SAVEE?

The community and the curated material that they output. That for me is the most unique aspect of SAVEE. I know that every time I open the app or site I better clear my calendar because it will really abduct me for a good amount of time.

Fabio's design studio in Oakland, California, a recent creative experiment he took on.

What's one feature you would like to have?

Great question, I never thought too much about it. In general it would be nice to see some sort of “I'm feeling lucky” type of moment. I love the curation but sometimes I worry I might be missing something out because I tend to focus only on what I like or I'm familiar with. 

An easy way to find the most saved images on SAVEE is to open the search page.

Any final thoughts?

Keep up the amazing work. What you guys are doing is a source of inspiration on its own plus seeing what other super talented folks share is really valuable for the community.

Besides being a great designer and founder Fabio also takes some stunning pictures during his trips. Find him on Unsplash

That's all friends 👋. We hope you all enjoyed this short "abduction" into Fabio's world.

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