Because Beauty Matters

Because Beauty Matters

Hola! It's Andre, founder of SAVEE. As we look back and reflect on how much SAVEE grew in 2023, we wanted to share some behind the scenes about our process and vision.

We started the year with 350k users and ended with over 1 million users.

You may not know, but we are a team of 3, working on the product every single day, as a side project. Ramon is the main brain behind all the code that keeps the product running. Myself looking for ways to get better and keep an open line of communication with you, our users. And last but not least, Manoel, who funny enough is my brother, building our social presence on InstagramX and TikTok

We are makers first. So, telling others about why SAVEE is great requires extra effort on our end. Remember Steve Jobs hiring the Pepsi guy to help Apple sell their computers? Well, we are much much smaller, so we have to do everything.

Found on SAVEE, the cover image for this week's newsletter

A place for connection where beauty matters. That's what believe SAVEE is. We are all attracted to beauty, and connect with beautiful things. Each one in their own definition of beauty, but that's what we want to enable people to find here. Beauty that inspire you to do your best work, or just to be happy.

There are some days I open SAVEE and instantly get hit by a wall of inspiring things that gets my brain going and dreaming about what I can do on that day to create something with my work.

We want to keep doing this for the years to come! Enabling teams to collaborate, allowing you to share your work and create your portfolio are two of the big features we want to ship early in 2024.

Every time a new user joins and upgrade we get one step closer to becoming sustainable and take SAVEE full-time. So, if you haven't done yet, we ask you to consider doing that. It's easy, it's not expensive and we work so hard for you.

Here is a photo of us to end the year. Cheers.

That's it.

Thanks for sticking around and making SAVEE a better place on the internet.