Interview with Karina Sirqueira

Interview with Karina Sirqueira

This is an interview series with our community. Today we are featuring Karina, a great friend of ours. We talked about a few things like, what inspires her, her feed on SAVEE, and what she likes most about it.

01 — Tell us a bit about yourself.

My design journey began at, where I developed a deep passion for crafting digital experiences. After 5 years, I moved to the agency world. I had the privilege of contributing to projects at notable agencies such as Huge in Rio, Elephant in San Francisco, and Work & Co in NY. Throughout these experiences, I've had the honor of collaborating with great clients like Apple, MTA, Aldo, Clover, and others. Along the way, I've also dedicated myself to continuous growth, constantly challenging myself to come up with new ideas that combine design and motion.

As a female designer, I’ve needed to overcome some barriers in my career. It’s taught me to push through and stand up for myself and my goal is to inspire other designers.

Featuring Karina, a designer based in New York City.

02 — How did you hear about SAVEE?

I’m always looking for tools to get inspired, and during my search I found SAVEE. Also, I know the founder, which makes it more exciting. <3

Karina's feed on SAVEE™ —

03 — What is the role of inspiration in your daily routine?

It acts like a creative spark. Whenever I'm facing a creative block or need fresh ideas, I can revisit my design SAVEE board to get inspired. Seeing a collection of design elements often sparks new concepts and approaches to my current projects.

Karina's workspace

04 — What's one thing you think is unique about SAVEE?

I LOVE the freshness of the designs and the color filter.

Karina's images, organized by color

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