Just save it, let us do the rest.

Just save it, let us do the rest.

A big part of our experience on SAVEE is focused on how fast the site can load and how good it looks, and I think this is why so many users love it. When you hit savee.it, it loads fast! That's by design.

Providing our users with a simple and beautiful place in a crowded World has always been top of mind for us. Every new feature we implement is focused on performance and how our users can find any inspiration they're looking for, distraction-free.

This is it.

Good inspiration will make you better at what you do. I know for a fact I am a better designer when I am inspired. We designed a platform without ads and tracking, because we believe our users should be able to explore creativity and culture without being sold something they are not interested in or having their data collected without their consent, and that's why we charge a subscription.

Our feed is curated by humans, always with an eye on the World and culture, with relevant and up-to-date inspiration and we are constantly improving and listening to feedback from our main ambassadors, our users.

We have always had a "pirate's mindset", like we ask for forgiveness, not for permission. And I thought this photo of Steve I saved recently from the book LoveFrom (Jony Ive design studio) just published this week it's a great reminder to keep pushing.

Steve Jobs smiling while on the phone back in 1977. Apple has always been a source of inspiration for us.

Apple has always been an inspiration of constant innovation, with simple, beautiful, and easy-to-use products that leave you us awe at every interaction. As we look to scale our platform for our more than 600,000 users, our mindset and passion has always been on building the best platform to save and share inspiration.

We hope you enjoyed this :)

This article is part of a new series that where share our journey as immigrants and independent founders! If you're looking for a platform that truly cares about providing the best possible experience, then SAVEE is the right place for you.

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