Five new features: Save videos, new mobile app, site builder, Figma templates and more.

Five new features: Save videos, new mobile app, site builder, Figma templates and more.

Oh hi, hello — it's summer here in California and we have some new features to share with you.

- We just passed 1.2M users
- You can now save videos
- Create your portfolio using Savee (beta)
- We have a new mobile app
- More motion templates available on our Marketplace

Let's dive into what's new.

Save videos

That's right, you can now save and upload videos up to 90s on Savee. This has been requested by so many and we can't wait to see motion designers, directors, filmmakers start using it for inspiration on their projects.

You can now upload and save videos on Savee

A new take on portfolios

We have already seen people converting their grid into a site, but we are working on some great templates and will be releasing it in the coming weeks. This is a new part of Savee that will enable you to go beyond browsing inspiration and inspire others with your work. Soon you will be able to connect your custom domain and use some awesome fonts on your site. Stay tuned.

New set of templates for you to create your site.

A better Savee app

Since we launched our mobile app in 2021 we have been dreaming of a new, more sophisticated version. And here we are, version 2.0 just shipped with some of the features our community loves like customizing padding and columns size. A better navigation, improved iPad experience and more.

New app available on the App Store and Android Store

We are constantly improving how you can discover new content on Savee, and now you can see the most popular queries of the day on the top of the page. Check it out.

A better search experience on Savee

Motion Templates, bundles and Figma

It has been 3 months since launched our marketplace and is becoming a hub for creatives give a motion boost to their projects — we’ve launched another 23 templates, with a total of 40 available for download and 5 bundles. We are working to introduce audio tracks and Figma templates. A huge shoutout to all of you who supported us and invested in our templates.

New templates available on

That's all we wanted to share :)

If you are a Premium user, thank you so much for believing in us. If you are not yet, consider upgrading and joining us. It’s $7.99 per month and we invest all to make Savee awesome for you.

Thanks for sticking around and we will be sharing more ideas an inspiration with you soon.