Why SAVEE doesn't have a free plan. Unveiling our vision.

Why SAVEE doesn't have a free plan. Unveiling our vision.

We believe the internet with ads is broken! And that's why we created a platform free of ads or tracking.

Why we don't offer a free plan after you reach your trial saves limit of 200 images? Get ready for a dose of transparency, a little bit of rebellion, and a sprinkle of value when you join us in the journey.

1. Nothing is free: A lot of products wont charge you for a subscription, like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and you think "FREE!" is what I want. But hold on, what's the catch? Tracking? Ads? We believe in keeping things crystal clear. Our honest approach is simple: you get a service, and we're proud to offer it. By saying no to free, we're giving a hearty thumbs-up to your privacy. No peeking into your data, no funny business. Your personal space is yours, period.

2. Independent Pioneers: Not a lot of our users know but SAVEE was started from scratch in the fall of 2015 and is maintained up to this date by two immigrants living in America! We have worked countless nights and weekends building it with pure passion to be the BEST tool for moodboard in the planet.

3. Why we are different: We don't have investors and we only have to answer to our users. We're dancing to our own beat, not compromising on quality. Charging for a PRO membership allow us to keep our servers operating at the highest standards and invest in new features. No strings attached, just pure independence. And if you want, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

4. Joining the movement: Quality is more important than quantity. And that's why all the inspiration you see on SAVEE is curated by humans. There is no AI, nor recommendations, you see what you choose when you pick the people you follow. That's why we thrive. It's not just about transactions; it's about the value exchange. When you invest, you are joining our movement and betting in a product where excellence is top of mind.

So, there you have it, we're not just another platform, we're pioneers forging a path that's true to our beliefs. With SAVEE, you're not just a number; you're a part of our mission to redefine the tech landscape.

Let's join forces in shaping a digital space where you feel that you can express yourself and be who you are without worrying about being tracked or offered something you don't want! We will stay fiercely independent, and unapologetically valuable.

Stay tuned, because SAVEE is here to make waves that you won't want to miss!

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